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Manifesting Money

Having issues with finances? You feel that you are constantly working and not getting enough? Or like there is always a  blockage to have more financial success than usual? This might help you. 
FINANCIAL CANDLES. A good way to remove blockages and increase your finances. 
Purchase 5 candles and increase your finances now 

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What are financial candles?

  • Increase Money 
  • Remove financial blockages 
  • Huge winning chances 
  • Stabilize your finances 
  • Bring new opportunities to increase your finances 

What is financial candles

Financial candles will be designed for you and spell cast on you. So they will only work on you. 
Financial Candles are designed to remove blockages from your life that doesn't help to earn more money. So it will create a chance to earn more, find money, get better salary, increase finances. Those who have their own business, it will help to bring more clients. 

What will  I get? 

You will receive 5 financial candles in your package. You can burn one candle, little by little, day by day. You will receive all information how you need to burn your candles in your package. After purchasing please use contact form to add details: Your name and address where candles should be sent. 



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Indre Stainyte 

I am a professional Life Coach, with long term experience. My main goal is to be your friend, that you can trust and you can open up without being judged. I am here to help with any issues that you are currently having and to show you what you can not see, but will help you to move forward to a happier life. So let's be friends and let's grow together and achieve the happier version of you 
Patrick Jones - Course author