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Lenormand Cards foundation course

Lenormand is a 36 card deck with straightforward images, like a "Ring" or a "Child", which has been tested and proven for decades to give precise and direct answers and future predictions. Its popularity keeps rising and it's been known as the second most popular divination tool after the Tarot.

Lenormand is a very intuitive tool to learn and use, and it can give precise readings on topics of family, love, work, moving, property, and many more. It's more than just the "other Tarot". It's a brilliant, stand-alone tool for fortune-telling and it can become a great everyday advisor in every life situation.  This course will teach you how to use and read the cards, but it will also give you some insider tips from a pro reader on how to read for friends and clients. At the end of this course, you will be able to use Lenormand for future prediction spreads, a decision making spread, and read a whole overview of someone's life in The Grand Tableau spread.

Suitable for complete beginners to the intermediate level.
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What will you learn in this course?

  • Follow step-by-step instructions to learn powerful Candle Magic rituals to manifest your wishes.
  • Use flame and wax analysis to predict your spell's outcome.
  • Choose the right candle color for your intention.
  • Perform easy Money, Love or Protection Candle Spells.
  • Choose the correct anointing oil and learn how to dress your candles.
  • Discover how to energetically clean your candles and magical tools before each ritual
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The ultimate Lenormand cards course that will help you to provide precise future predictions for you and your clients.
Meet the instructor

Astrid aka The Psychic Witch

Astrid aka The Psychic Witch is an acclaimed Tarot reader, radio show host, and magician.

Combining ancient knowledge with modern, edge psychology and coaching, she's creating easy to follow courses, offering deep knowledge that's explained without unnecessary complexity and occult bias.

She has experience teaching physical classes in London, as well as many years of sharing her knowledge online. 

She worked as a spiritual advisor for renowned clients, such as Tower of London, Penguin Publishing House, Park Plaza Hotel Westminster, Sternberg Clarke Entertainment, and many others and her courses are continuously "Bestselling".

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Patrick Jones - Course author
You can find The Psychic Witch at Zodiac Psychics website or on the Zodiac Touch app. Your next reading is just a click away!

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