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Guidance through Life Coaching with Indira

Not sure if Life Coaching is for you? Here is your opportunity to introduce yourself to this new experience. This is an introductory to Indira and her Life Coaching tools.
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Why this Lightroom course?

  • Get Help 
  • Get real advice on the situation you are in 
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Finally become happy and overcome the issues you are having. 
  • Get your life together 

What it will give to me?

In 6 months time you can either be in the same place or a better place. We all need someone who will professionally see our situation from another side, who will show us why those emotions are affecting us, and how can we deal with it? How can you become better and happier in your life?
Book your course to schedule your first session in Zoom. You will be able to determine the subject area you would like to work on.  In  the session, you will have targets to work on to help you reach your goals. Your session will be recorded for you to review and reflect on the progress you are making. All sessions are private and confidential and focus on your success.

What I can exepct

A true friend, who will show you your situation and will show you how to deal with it. Are you happy every day or just sometimes? Are you in a hard relationship or dealing with a break up? Do you need help to achieve your goals? Are you just confused and tired of routine?
That's why I am here.. 
Meet the instructor


I am a professional Life Coach, with over 5 years experience. My Main Goal is to be your friend, someone that you can trust and open up to  without being judged. I am here to help with any issues that you are currently having and to show you what you can not see for yourself, but will help you to move forward to a happier life.. So let's be friends and let's grow together and achieve the happy version of you 
Patrick Jones - Course author