Life coaching sessions

Full Cycle Life Coaching

Life, Career, Happiness is all within Your reach.
Cover all your bases with a little help
from a Life Coach. The first step matters.
Make that decision and CHANGE your life.

Ania Tajak

I work as an Addiction Counsellor & Life and Business Coach. 

My goal is to provide You with certain aspects and offer You a support that would help You to change the quality of Your life. 

Eleven years ago I have made My decision about the quality of My life. In my work I also rely on My experiences and practical knowledge.

Frankly, I believe everyone deserves a happy live. Since the ancient times Eudaemonia (Greek:  εδαιμονία) was the goal in life.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Why this Life Coaching course?

  • 10 meetings 
  • Certificate
  • LIVE -online meetings
  • 30min per meeting
  • Real impact onto the quality of Your life
  • Become more aware of Yourself 
  • Achieve Your individual GOAL
  •  Become happier

Know Who's Important

Allow Your deepest needs, dreams and desires to realize. Give Yourself time and space to start living Your own way, and the way You really want it. You are the most important person in Your life.

 Coaching is a form of a dialogue

Coaching is a conversation and getting into the deepest part of Yourself. In the opposition to fast living world, coaching allows to stop and to discover the truth. Contacting with that truth says 'goodbye' to ignorance. It is your time, now. Take the responsibility for Your own happiness. 
Easy as one, two, three

Full cycle of Life Coaching sessions

Full Cycle

complete life coaching process 
  • Complete process
  • 10 online meetings
  • one meeting per week
  • real improvement and work on your aim
  • at preferable time  
  • one meeting 30 min (300 min in total)
  • certificate


Hi, here you can choose the right and perfect time for your life coaching session.