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Aura Reading Course

Learn how to feel and clairvoyantly see the electromagnetic field of an egg-like shape that surrounds the human body. This field is often called the Aura and was described by many cultures throughout centuries.

Each Aura has a different color, thickness, brightness and even shape, which can offer deep insight into one's energetic make-up, personality, feelings, emotions, blockages, aspirations, and energy in general.

You do not need to be psychic to be able to take this course, this course was built for all levels including complete beginners.

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What will you learn in this course?

  • How to read Auras with your clairvoyant senses
  • Troubleshooting tips and Clairvoyance training tips
  • Analyzing the color, brightness, and thickness of the Aura
  • Learning how to protect and repair the Aura
  • Learning pro tips on how to read the Aura for friends and paying clients
  • Learning the meaning behind every color family of the Aura
  • Close to 4 hours of on demand video lessons
  • Tips for how to feel the Aura with your hands
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This is course is not only focused on how to see the Aura, but also on how to analyze it and repair it, wherever it may be needed. As a part of this course, there are 2 print out sheets, for Aura analysis, that you can use for yourself, but also for others as a part of your Aura Reading practice.
You will learn how to distinguish between a healthy looking Aura from unhealthy one, and understand what each element of the Aura represents and how to proceed with repairing it.
Join the class today, and let's start this exciting adventure together!

Meet the instructor

Astrid aka The Psychic Witch

Astrid aka The Psychic Witch is an acclaimed Tarot reader, radio show host, and magician.

Combining ancient knowledge with modern, edge psychology and coaching, she's creating easy to follow courses, offering deep knowledge that's explained without unnecessary complexity and occult bias.

She has experience teaching physical classes in London, as well as many years of sharing her knowledge online. 

She worked as a spiritual advisor for renowned clients, such as Tower of London, Penguin Publishing House, Park Plaza Hotel Westminster, Sternberg Clarke Entertainment, and many others and her courses are continuously "Bestselling".

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Patrick Jones - Course author
You can find The Psychic Witch at Zodiac Psychics website or on the Zodiac Touch app. Your next reading is just a click away!

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