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Astrological Wall Art - Sagittarius

You were born to do great things. Your zodiac sign is meant to guide you through all the hurdles life throws your way. Remind yourself of your possibilities and capture the essence of your inherent nature. You are great in many ways. Find your strengths and stay focused on the goal.
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What is your inherent nature?

  • 42x59.4 cm Digital Wall Art
  • Printable and ready for framing, t-shirts, cups, etc.
  • Your strengths to set your goals or guide your daily mood
  • Insights on your possibilities
  • Your mantra in connection with your zodiac sign 

Remind yourself of who you are!

Sometimes it is not easy to remember that you have great value. Your astrological wall art is a reminder of your inner self and the strengths that are inherent to you specifically

Play the part and gain the role

Your characteristics have already been assigned at birth. The stars aligned and determined the purpose you would add. It is now up to you to acknowledge your strengths and portray the role you were meant to play in this lifetime.
Meet the instructor

Mia Meyer

Find your inspirational soul with Mia Meyer. My goal is to help you explore your possibilities every day. Reinforcing one's strength through Art is a sign that there is so much beauty to continuously explore. I am a glass half full personality and am always looking for ways to walk on the sunny side of the street.
Patrick Jones - Course author