Lesson series

Guided Meditation:

Connect with your higher self and connect with the universe to create, attract and manifest abundance in all aspects of your life. Allow yourself to the abundant life that you deserve.
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Abundance Guided Meditation.

  • 3 guided meditations
  • 1  music track

Manifest Abundance

Connect with your higher self, connect with the universe and use its creative energy to shape and manifest an abundance, in all aspects of life.

Follow along

Easy to follow along, these guided meditations will help you relax and allow abundant energy to flow to you and through you, in perfect harmony with the universe, to manifest and create and abundance life.
Meet the instructor


Card reader and spiritual advisor with Fortunica, has helped over 13,000 people on Fortunica alone, and many more throughout an 18 year long career as a spiritual counselor.
Patrick Jones - Course author