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2022 Zodiac Planner/Journal - Virgo

Your journal includes your horoscope for 2022. Follow your zodiac sign throughout the year to achieve your goals.
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What does 2022 have in store for you?

  • Horoscope
  • Lucky/Unlucky numbers
  • Best Colors 
  • Who shares your karmic sign
  • Affirmations to live by

What's Important

Is this your year to shine? What are the best colors to wear for that job interview? What areas should I give my focus to throughout the year?

Learn by Example

Learn from your own mistakes and employ them to achieve the goals you desire. Use your affirmations to work on your mental health and make life worth living every day.
Meet the instructor

Mia Meyer

The best plan is a proactive plan. I have been journaling for 20+ years and have found it to be like having a best friend at my finger tips. It helps me keep in focus the ups and downs that the world has to offer, so that I have more ups than downs. My philosophy is "The world is a rollercoaster, so we might as well enjoy the ride."
Patrick Jones - Course author